Manzaralı Bir Oda, Bir Çatı

[By Melanie Reim in Spain] For over thirty years, I have lived in New York City, on Riverside Drive-but I do not face the river from my apartment. In fact, I have one of those quintessential stories, where I face a brick wall, with a little sliver of sky above, so my apartment is not […]

La Frontera

[By Luis Ruiz in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain] There is a long row of towns and cities in the middle of Andalusia that add the particle ‘de la Frontera’ to their names; therefore you can find in the map places like Jerez de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera, Aguilar de la Frontera and […]

Many shades of green in Andalucía, from Cádiz to Jerez de la Frontera.

Drawings by Sharon Frost. Cádiz. Alameda Apodaca. Un pescador. (A fisherman) Stephen Leyendo en la Alameda Apodaca — nuestra última mañana en Cádiz.dd caption.  (Stephen reading in the Alameda — our last morning in Cádiz.) Jerez de la Frontera. Barrio Santiago. Casa Rosalleda.  Calcetines en el tenedor en el jardín.  (Socks on the line in […]

Avrupa Parlamentosu seçimleri ve USk toplantısı

Last weekend, a big gathering of andalusian Urban Sketchers took place at the beautiful and small village of Grazalema, one of the so-called White Towns in the mountains of south-western Spain. There we went sketchers from Málaga, Seville, Cádiz and Córdoba, some of the best-known andalusian cities, but also from farther places as Madrid or […]

Andalucía'da zamanı yavaşlatmak: Jerez de la Frontera

My husband and I have been renting the same apartment in Jerez de la Frontera for about 5 years now.  The lay out of the building is traditional for the region: central interior patio and a garden in back.  The greens are intense, just bordering on out-of-control. As we approach winter the dizzying floor tiles […]

Endülüs her yıl daha çok evim gibi geliyor.

Buraya kaç kez geldiğimizi ve tam olarak ne zaman ziyaretlerimizi daha fazla uzatmaya başladığımızı unuttum. Bu yıl Brooklyn'e geri döndüğümüzde, çoğu Endülüs'te olmak üzere 2 aydan fazla bir süredir İspanya'da olacağız. Çok güzel iki gün geçirdik [...]

Teyzemin tarifleri: Córdoba'dan salmorejo

Bugün çizdiğim tariflerle geri döndüm. Bir önceki yazı, Endülüs'e özgü, sebzelerden yapılan çok ünlü bir soğuk çorba olan gazpacho hakkındaydı. Şimdi size salmorejo getiriyorum, bu benim memleketim Cordoba'ya (Endülüs) özgü soğuk bir sebze kreması. İşte tarifi, teyzemin yaptığı gibi [...]

In and out of Cádiz.

We’ve been in Spain for a little over a month this time around.  Each time we come to Andalucía our attachment to the region seems to grow.  (And our Spanish gets better. slowly.)  Our 4 weeks in Cái is drawing to a close and we’re already missing it a little.  Though we look forward to […]

Last sketchcrawl in Sevilla

Many times we appreciate the place where we live through the eyes of the others.  At the end of last September we had a great sketchcrawl for all a weekend in Seville to sketch our city. Friends came from many places of Spain, Portugal and France! We were looking forward to meet again after Barcelona. It was […]

Rain and sun in Andalucía: autumn in Jerez de la Frontera.

Hard (tiles) and soft (foliage) patterns in the garden at Casa Rosaleda (our apartment building). The day of the General Strike in Spain. The rain-soaked light spreads across the tiles: the day after the presidential election in the United States. Big events: small canvas. Sketchblog: DayBooks