USK Eğitim Etkinliği: USKChicago Eskiz Semineri 2020

Chicago Sketch Seminar 2020, 17 - 19 Temmuz 2019 tarihlerinde Chicago'da gerçekleştirilecektir. Seminer, Urban Sketchers Chicago tarafından her yıl düzenlenen bir eğitim etkinliğidir. Seminerin amacı, güzel ve sanat dolu şehrimiz Chicago'da yerinde eskiz sanatını kutlamak ve uygulamaktır. Sempozyum benzeri bir etkinlik getirmeyi umuyoruz [...]

USk Chicago Sketch Seminar 2019

Chicago Sketch Seminar 2019 will be held in Chicago on May 31 – June 2, 2019. Seminar is an annual educational event organized by Urban Sketchers Chicago. The goal of Seminar to celebrate and practice the art of on-location sketching in our beautiful and artful city – Chicago. We hope to bring a Symposium-like experience, […]

Hotel room views

[By Marcia Milner-Brage in cities in the United States and Portugal]  When traveling, I more often stay in houses that are vacation rentals. But when I do book a hotel room, I ask for a high up room with a view. When checking in, I repeat the request. My explanation that I plan to sketch […]

USk Chicago Eskiz Semineri 2018

Urban Sketchers Chicago is pleased to announce our USk Chicago Sketch Seminar 2018. The event will be held in Chicago, on June 1-3, and will be hosted by the historic Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts.  This is our chapter’s annual event and will be our 4th Seminar since the chapter’s inception in 2012. […]

Chicago'yu Hatırlatmak

[by Mário Linhares, when in Chicago, USA] Attending a Symposium is an opportunity to learn and grow. To learn about the culture. To learn about the language. To learn about the food. To learn about the people. To learn about the sketchers. To learn new sketching techniques. To learn about new art stuff. To learn […]

Chicago Şehir Merkezini ve Ötesini Keşfetmek

  [By Richard Sheppard in Chicago, Illinois]  Accommodations for the Urban Sketchers Symposium can be quite comfortable if you have a friend who’s nice enough to use thousands of accumulated Marriott points. My friend Phil had enough points to score the Blackstone Hotel, just two blocks from the Goodman Center where the Symposium was centered in downtown […]

Dünyaya aşık olmak, her seferinde bir eskiz

[Olympia, Seattle, Centralia, Chicago ve New York'tan Jane Wingfield'ın konuk yazısı] Bir süre önce bir eskizcinin blogunu okuyordum ve "Neden eskiz yapıyorsunuz?" sorusunu yöneltti. Bu benim de kendime sık sık sorduğum bir soru. Can sıkıcı bir soru olabilir - neden? "Bunu neden yapıyorsun?" Duyuyorum [...]

Sanat Chicago şehrini nasıl da titretiyor!

[by Marion Rivolier from Paris, France] I was lucky to be an instructor for the 8th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago in July. As a Parisian, I am not comfortable with the incredible scale of American cities. When I arrived in Chicago, I was so surprised by the height of the skyscrapers that I thought […]

Thank you Chicago!

[By Paul Wang in Chicago] Finally I am fully recovered from my trip to Chicago and New York City. Thank you Chicago for the wonderful symposium experience. Big thank you to the local team for your hard work too. So glad to meet up with old and new friends during the symposium. My sketching family […]

Sempozyum Öncesi, Sırası ve Sonrası eskiz maratonu sonucu

[by Kumi Matsukawa in Chicago, USA] I attended this year’s symposium held in Chicago. As a mere participant, I wanted to reduce the airfare budget, I used Cathay Pacific connecting flight ( I needed to travel from Tokyo to Hong kong, and from Hong Kong to Chicago and that took me 24h) and repeated the […]