sketchcrawl 45: san francisco

By Gary Amaro in San Francisco   Unusually small turnout for the sketchcrawl this time. We met at the Ferry Building on Embarcadero, which I’ve drawn many times before, so this time I went to check out the nearby sculpture SOMA by Flaming Lotus Girls which is said to represent two neurons firing in communication […]

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Pt 10: the Presidio)

By Gary Amaro in San Francisco The most interesting thing about the Presidio of San Francisco right about now is probably the thing I didn’t draw. The site has been a military instalation since 1776 when it was fortified by the Spanish, and it has changed hands to Mexico and then to the United States for whom it […]

AAU, San Francisco'da Yaz Dönemi Çizim Dersim (Bölüm 7: Çin Mahallesi)

  A pigeon poop splats on my boot heel as I’m drawing Chinatown’s Dragon Gate entrance on Grant Street, thankfully missing my book. I look down to notice that, here against the wall under the eaves, I’m surrounded by dozens of white sidewalk spots. Do I move? Are you kidding? I’m in the middle of a drawing. […]

AAU, San Francisco'da Yaz Mekan Çizimi Dersim (Bölüm 6: Hyde Street İskelesi)

My love of the sea and sea stories and ship lore brings me back every so often to the Hyde Street Pier, part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.  I’ve posted sketches from here before, often drawing the 1886 square-rigger Balclutha, with its tall masts and complex rigging, so I turned my attention this time to some of […]

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Pt 5: the Filbert Steps)

If you are ever planning to meet someone at the Filbert Steps, be very clear whether you mean at their bottom at Sansome Street or three vertical blocks of scenic gardens and wooden stairs higher at their other terminus atop Telegraph Hill. You might also mention that you do not mean the other end of Filbert Street, way across town, […]

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Pt 4: the de Young Museum)

We met in the morning at the bandshell in Golden Gate Park, between the de Young Museum and the California Academy of the Sciences, with San Francisco’s usual summer fog shrouding the tall cypress and eucalyptus trees and the twisting angular mass of the de Young’s observation tower, seen in my sketch above. Plenty to see outside […]

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Pt 3: the Ferry Building)

A 1906 film shot from the front of a cable car shows a trip down Market Street through all manner of traffic, pedestrian, horse-drawn, cable, and auto, and heading straight for the looming tower of the Ferry Building Terminal. Four days later, the great earthquake destroyed much of the city, but the Ferry Building remained. These days, the […]

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Part 2: Yerba Buena Gardens)

Class meets twice a week for six hours a session, and at a different location each day. For our second session, we practiced our meeting up skills in this beautiful downtown park with only minimal wrangling. Having warmed up with a couple of passenger portraits on the BART train, I settled atop a high concrete planter to draw my assistant, […]