22 Artomatic'in Eskizleri

          Artomatic is a month long, non-juried, not-quite-annual art festival in the Washington DC area.  Its a really fun event open to anyone interested in participating, as long as they are willing to put in a few hours setting up their part of the show and volunteering to help the whole thing run smoothly. (this year […]

Columbia Heights Alley

So the original plan was to go to a couple of bookstores around the city and put prints of this sketch in the pages of as many copies of “The Art of Urban Sketching” as I could find. (Not an original idea, as fans of the Post Secret blog & books do this too with […]

Give a Little Kampanyası'ndan güzel bir parça daha

I got this comment from a donor the other day. Its always great to hear in their own words, what people love about Urban Sketchers: “I have loved Urban Sketchers for the last year, and was glad to be able to give to help your organization, and to help others become involved with your sponsored […]

Tidbit from the Give A Little Holiday Fundraiser

Replying to our generous donors, and sending out beautiful high-resolution print ready files is going to be part of my daily ritual from now till Dec 31st. I just heard this great comment from an urban sketching fan, that I thought I’d pass on: “Looking at, learning from, and ENJOYING the quality artwork that is […]

Jamestown Giveaway

While I was in Fredonia for NYSSSA this July (missing the symposium) I made my way down to Jamestown, NY to do a little sketching. There are a lot of interesting buildings and alleys there and last year I had thought it would be a great place to do one of my “giveaway” projects, but […]

Highland Park Diner Giveaway

While home for the holidays I intended to go into town and do a bunch of sketching of Rochester. After about 30 minutes of doing just that,I realized that I have a much lower tolerance for the cold than I used to. Toe warmers and fingerless gloves be damned. I did manage, though, to finish […]

Chinatown Gate Giveaway

So for Sketchcrawl 25 Joel & I took on DC’s Chinatown district & the Shaw Neighborhood. My most successful sketch came from sitting at a busy intersection by the Chinatown Gate, and while the heavy traffic that often parked right in front of me was annoying, the many kind comments from passersby made it a […]

17th St NW'de Eşantiyon

I was a little delayed giving away this set of sketches, as I drew them nearly 4 weeks ago and only dropped them off today. I originally wanted to do this street because it is where my sister lives, thinking it was my brotherly responsibility to include her in my sketching in someway. Unfortunately I […]

Giveaway on 27th St NW

I dropped off my second set of giveaway sketches last weekend to a block of houses in Georgetown. Unfortunately it was raining at the time so I’m guessing they didn’t last terribly long. I’m only sure of two (of nine) surviving. One went to a house belonging to a couple whom I observed had no […]

S Caddesi'nde Eşantiyon

After receiving the unpleasant gift of a traffic ticket (or two) recently, I thought how much nicer it would have been to be surprised with almost anything else on my car’s windshield. Why not a drawing? So I made some (approximately) ticket sized drawings of a block of houses on S street and left them […]