Daha sık eskiz yapmak için basitleşin

Chapel Hill, NC'den Laura Frankstone. Daha az eskiz yaptığımı fark ettim. Daha çok resim yapıyor, daha çok illüstrasyon çiziyor ama daha az eskiz çiziyorum. İki yaşından beri çizer olan benim için bu sorunun çözümü, kendi sadelik arzumu takip etmek gibi görünüyor. Kalemler, kağıtlar ve gözümün, tabirimi mazur görün, çektiği şeyler. [...]

barcelona'da toplanti

nina'nin da söyledi̇ği̇ gi̇bi̇, geçen hafta barcelona'da güzel bi̇r eskiz günü i̇çi̇n buluştuk. Nina'nın portresini çizmeden yapamazdım: lapin tarafından bloglandı

sketching the urban sketchers

the urban sketching symposium seems to be a dream, once back home, and I need to look at my sketchbooks to remind me that it happened for real… it was great to meet so many of the correspondents I had following this last year and a half, with this strange sensation that I already know […]

“this is a woodstock of sketching”

the first international urban sketching symposium in portland (oregon) is over, and I already dream about a next edition… it was an incredible experience, thanks gabi for leading that group of creasy worldwide sketchers. more than 10 nationalities were represented, and I met for the first time many of the usk correspondents. many sketches were […]

veroni̇ca lawlor i̇le tanişma

veronica lawlor, illustrator and urban sketcher correspondent from new york was visiting barcelona this last week. we sketched together on the most famous street of the city: passeig de gracia. it was the oportunity for me to watch veronica creating her wonderful composition, mixing ink, pastel, colour pen… we also spent a morning at the […]

insan eskizleri

Ekaterina and Gabi’s figurative sketches prompted me to post my sketches on people. These are indoor sketches done at cafe, meeting and lunch in the past weeks. If you are interested in the stories behind these people, check out my blog.

urban sketchers in barcelona

on saturday, I met freekhand and zaza (the urban sketchers from bologna and istanbul) to sketch together. freekhand is an old friend now, and I could tell we will meet more and more in the future ;), but I met zaza for the first time last week, when she decided to visit barcelona, and I […]

Dikkatli kalmanın başka bir yolu

If you are a compulsive sketcher you have probably had your share of confrontations with teachers protesting when you scribbled in class during your years at school. It is interesting how everyone readily accepts note-taking as an aid to staying attentive when listening to instruction, but tend to think sketching and doodling must be distracting. […]