Bir Yoksulun Evi

[by Fred Lynch in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA] On May 29, 1884 a huge ship named the Furnessia, pulled up to the little island of Valentia, right next to the western coast of Kerry, Ireland. It was far to big to meet the shore, as Valentia hosted only little fishing boats. The Furnessia was more […]

Dirty Work

[by Fred Lynch in New Bedford, Massachusetts USA] This is the home of a chimney sweep. A truck out of view said so. Long ago, this was the home of my great-grandfather, the Irish immigrant Michael Lynch. In the New Bedford Directory of 1896, he was listed as a “stonecutter” living at this address. In […]


[by Fred Lynch in New Bedford, Massachusetts] This is a small piece of a very large stone church in seaside New Bedford, Massachusetts. The small city is known for it big fishing fleet and as a setting for Moby Dick. St. Lawrence the Martyr Church is where my grandfather John Joseph Lynch was baptized in 1895. […]