SANTA BARBARA, Antik Kolonyal Köle Mahalleleri

It’s been a long time Urban Sketchers! But I’m happy to return and share this drawing with y’all.  I had attempted to draw this very scene a few years ago but was overwhelmed by the amount of visual information and gave up.  I returned about a month ago and still found it daunting at first […]

santo domi̇ngo sempozyumu hatirlatmasi

a few day before the opening of the 4th urban sketching symposium in barcelona, it’s time to share the sketches I made last year as the 2012 symposium correspondent, for you to remember the mood of the past edition. this are all the drawing I sketched from july 9th to july 16th with fellow urban […]

Meet the correspondent: SANTO DOMINGO > Orling “Arty” Domínguez

“I’m an Artist-Teacher born and raised in Dominican Republic. I was first introduce to sketching outdoors and reportage drawing while studying at Parsons in New York back in 1994, giving me the opportunity to get to know the city that hosted me for four years even better. Back to Santo Domingo, sketching became a solitary […]

Near Santa Barbara, Santo Domingo

  This was one of the first sketches I did in Santo Domingo, on the day before the symposium. I was blown away by the heat in this place, as I guess many other participants were too, but the urge to sketch everything I saw made me forget about the sweat running down my back. […]

After the symposium

  The days after  the Urban Sketchers symposium ended, there were a bunch of sketchers still lurking about in Zona Colonial, and one day we decided to head up to the Mercado do Modelo to sketch. (Same place where Melanie Reim had her workshop.) The streets around this place are interesting, to say the least, […]

Sempozyum eskiz defterimin tamamı

Open publication – Free publishing – More santo domingo Here is Volume 2 – my symposium sketchbook which also includes the day before and the Monday afterward. A few general comments 1. I am really quite amazed at how many sketches I actually did considering that this year I was one of the instructors and […]

Santo Domingo #9

Last day, this afternoon we’ll catch the plane. In the morning we go to the Mercado Modelo. The heat is even more stifling than in previous days (or perhaps we begin to feel the dejection for the nearby end) so we sacrifice the best angles if they involve drawing under the sun. Inma and I […]

Eve Uçuş

Santo Domingo Havalimanı'na birkaç saat erken vardım. Hiç sıra olmaması beni çok şaşırttı. Tüm gümrük formlarını doldurmak zorunda kaldım ve hiç beklemeden güvenlikten geçtim. Oturdum ve uçuşum için kapıda yavaşça toplanan kalabalığı izledim. Bir rahibe hiç kıpırdamadan otururken, bir [...]


The closing ceremony for the Santo Domingo Urban Sketching Symposium was held at the Museo de las Casas Reales. As we walked inside, a regal peacock strutted through the lobby. Long tables were set up with all the artist’s sketchbooks on display. There was also a silent auction set up with some of the instructors […]


On the afternoon of the final day there was a SketchCrawl in Santo Domingo‘s Parque Colon. I had done several thumbnail sketches of domino players in Veronica Lawlor‘s, The Decisive Moment Workshop. I decided to try and get a larger sketch done. The game is rather fast paced usually punctuated with loud arguments in Spanish […]