Manchester'dan bir eskiz koleksiyonu daha

[By Shiho Nakaza in Manchester, UK] Here are some more sketches I made in Manchester outside of Urban Sketchers Symposium. (And what I’ve learned in the sketching workshops are on my blog post here.) What struck me the most when I first landed in Britain this summer are the clouds, which are ever-present and dramatically […]

Manchester'dan Anılar

[By Marina Grechanik, in Manchester] One of the biggest questions I asked myself while packing tools for the Manchester USk Symposium trip was which sketchbook to take. I decided to prepare an accordion sketchbook – format I love, but use for special occasions only. This format allows to tell stories in continuations, as if invites you to […]

Hala jet-lagged ama harika hissediyorum!

[Paul Wang, Singapore] Still a little tired from my 3 weeks travel in UK but definitely warm and fuzzy inside. I had a wonderful time attending and teaching as one of the Manchester symposium’s workshop instructor. Very privileged to be able to meet with 48 workshop participants from around the world. We had to battle […]

Art Nouveau, bricks and bridges in Manchester, USK Symposium

[by Lapin in Manchester, UK] I totally fall in love for Manchester during the symposium, and the week was too short to catch in my sketchbook all the inspiring buildings around. I did not know that much about Manchester before, only that my neighborhood in Barcelona, Poblenou, was called the Spanish Manchester, due to its […]

Bir bar, 13 çekim

[by a collection of Symposium Sketchers] The Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester just wrapped up last week. And the hands-down winner of the most sketched building was a little pub that you just couldn’t miss: The interestingly colored (quite unusual in the city of red brick) Peveril of the Peak.  I asked those that were […]

Manchester United

(by Fred Lynch, near Boston, Massachusetts, USA) I fear that I sketch less than of anyone who attends Urban Sketchers symposiums. Everywhere I go, I see participants sketching and I think, should I be sketching now, and not walking? Not eating? It’s astounding to see so much sketching enthusiasm. As an art professor, I’m always […]

Manchester sempozyum sonrası.

 [Javier de Blas, sempozyum 2016 muhabiri] Sempozyumdan sonra kalışımı birkaç gün daha uzatarak Castelfields kanallarının yanında yaşamaya başladım. Pazar günü Lapin, Gérar Michel ve Nina Johanson gibi bazı eskizciler hala bölgede çalışıyordu. Ne kadar harika günlerdi, dinlenmek ve kendi başıma çizmek [...]

#USkManchester2016: Gün 4- W19, W21, D5 ve Sketchwalk

[By Kumi Matsukawa, symposium  correspondent in Manchester, UK] Symposium Day 4: W19: Richard Alomar- Manchester Green; Sketching Urban Green Space. We walked fast and sketched fast , and trained what to pay attention when to capture Urban Green. This exercise broadened  my horizon. W21: Rob Sketcherman- On location with an iPad and Procreate. Rob said […]

Manchester Sempozyumu. 4. Gün: Sketchwalk F, w18, w17, A6

 [Javier de Blas, sempozyum 2016 muhabiri] Sempozyumun son günü, en azından benim durumumda, yazışması en kolay gün değildi. Sketchwalk F, China Town gibi her zaman baştan çıkarıcı bir konu üzerineydi. Ancak hepimizin bildiği gibi Çin süslemeleri detaylarla doludur. Paul Wang ilginç ve çok eksiksiz bir ders verdi [...]

Manchester'a Kocaman Bir Teşekkür!

Saturday night we wrapped up another Symposium. We appreciate everyone following along here on the Symposium blog; please continue to as we’ll have more recaps from Manchester and news about the 2017 Symposium. I’d like to give the biggest thank you to Simone Ridyard, the local host of the 2016 Symposium, whose incredible passion for […]

#USkManchester2016: 3. Gün Çeşitlilik Hayatın Baharatıdır

[By Liz Ackerley, Symposium Correspondent in Manchester, UK] Today was like yesterday in weather terms (some rain, then some more rain!) but unlike it in that I covered a variety of events, from workshops to activities and sketch crawls and a preview of Urban Sketcher Lynne Chapman’s Exhibition. My day kicked off by attending part […]

Manchester Sempozyumu. 3. Gün. w23, w16, w15, paralel aktivite, A10 ve d&d

[Javier de Blas, sempozyum 2016 muhabiri] Yükselen espas Stephanie Bower'ın atölye çalışması 23'ün konusuydu. Birinci kata vardığımda Karen Jones son eskizciydi. Sahne mükemmeldi. Isabel Carmona ve Len Grant, Royal Exchange Theatre'da kompozisyon ve renk üzerine 16 numaralı atölyeyi verdiler. [...]