Desk with Graphic Tablet

This is a corner of my desk at home, where I set the Wacom graphic tablet on which I am  finishing some drawings.

View of my Desk

I’m going to join the view from my desk theme here, only I have my windows covered with aluminium foil to keep out sun from blinding me during the day (I know, sounds a bit ungrateful). But any way, this is the view of my desk, after organising a bit…

view from the Museum

In response to Gabi asking if anyone has views from their desk – this was a drawing I did in the summer from my office at the National Museum of Scotland where I work part time. A wonderful view of Arthurs seat is obscured by a box extension to the Theatre but you can still […]

Güneşli ve soğuk

View from my desk at The Seattle Times This freezing week we’re having continues. Even though I went out for a quick walk during my lunch break, this time I didn’t dare to take my gloves off to sketch, like I did the other day at Central Market. The thermometer outside the building read 34° […]