Taiko Drummers perform at the Obon Festival

The Obon Festival at the Vista Buddhist Temple had Jodaiko, a collegiate taiko group perform as part of the festival’s entertainment. What great practice for gesture drawing! This is my page of sketches done during their 30 minute performance.

Obon Festival, Vista, California

The Obon Festival was held this weekend at the Vista Buddhist Temple. Several Urban Sketchers met to draw the activities. pen and ink by Dominique Eiche Taiko Drummer, pencil and watercolor, Lydia Velarde Lydia Velarde San Diego Urban Sketchers pen and ink, Dominique Eiche

Windows Vista

Some weeks ago, it was about 3 in the afternoon. I looked through the window and suddenly had an art attack. I took my sketchbook and drew the vista I had before me: windows, windows and more windows. While I was drawing I though about Mr. Gates… and that I have never owned a PC, […]