fries and railways


it’s been a long time. But I wasn’t doing anything else but sketching and cartooning all this time, so I’m hurrying to contribute some of recent stuff, first of all, a plate of potatoes, which are still hot:

And a guitarist from the band I was listening to while eating them:

Then some sketches from my railway sketching trip, which was a bit unlucky:

(I laid colours on top via photoshop really quickly, just to make a note what they were at that moment)


Norbiton has quite a different look from all the other stations in the area, not sure why:

It was an unlucky sketching experience, because the woman who sells the tickets on the station spoke to me in a very rude manner.

– Can I get into station to make some drawings?
– No, you have to buy a ticket. Where are you going?
– I’m not going anywhere, I just want to sketch at the station because I like how it looks.
– No, if you want to draw on the station you have to get a permission from Southwest trains. (!)
– Ehm… Can I buy a ticket to Kingston, then?
– No, no, no.
To get to the station, I had to ride one station forth, and then back again… 

a permission to sketch?

ps. I made those railway station sketches as a preparation of a picture book, and you can see it on issuu (now, when I finally made an account there!).



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