26th Sketchcrawl in Sao Paulo – Brazil

Here in Sao Paulo we had more than 20 ‘sketchers’ on last Saturday. We met in Jardim da Luz, which is a beautiful small park in the city center, which I’ve never been before, as far as I can remember.

During the afternoon we got in Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, which is a beautiful art museum.

I did only two drawings there:

This watercolor, which took me so much time…what caught my attention was the huge tree at the back, seen in this nice 图片.

And this sketch from the museum interior:

These footbridges reminded me of those from SESC Pompeia, which I drew some weeks ago. The footbridges, the elevator and the ceiling are new features, as the building dates from the beginning of 20th century, and it has been remodeling several times on the last decades. Take a look at this 图片.

I finished my drawing marathon only after a session of life model drawing.

Long day, but a lot of fun.

More pictures from Jardim da Luz 这里. And from the Pinacoteca 这里.

Hope you enjoy.



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