Canal (Sketch)Crawl in Bangkok

Nearly 40 crawlers in two long tail boats embark on a SPEED sketching attempts last Saturday. The place was at Khlong Bang Luang, a net work of canals on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and the occasion was to coincide with the World SketchCrawl Day #26, 27 Feb 2010.

We met at an artist’s place, Ajarn Chumpon, whose mission was to safe the local canal community way of life in the morning.


It was the largest gethering so far, mostly made up of archi students from Rungsit U (close to 30)

SketchCrawl 26

as well as the recently formed (very informally) Bangkok Sketchers.

SketchCrawl 26

We then, well, as I said, went into the long long-tail boat (water version of the famous tuk tuk)

SketchCrawl #26

For no reason, we thought we would sketch REAL TIME from the boats!, it sounded fun if you had motorised pen or pencil, but we tried with various degree of success. After a while, when we got a little clever, we idled the boat engine and let it float so we could better sketch. It nearly work if we don’t count those who got (canal) sick!

However, I managed to did a few lines, with some help of colors after the boat trip.


On land and around the community, I did some simple Thai style temple and house commonly seen along the canal.uJedi

I would say we really had a fruitful day, with the nourishment of delicious meals of this little store

SketchCrawl #26

In summary, we had quite a few sketches, as seen here


and more will be up dated in a couple of days time. You might like to see more, you are welcomed at BANGKOK SKETCHERS’ facebook page.



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