Sâuçálito food truck

Since drawing the Fojol Brothers foodtruck I’ve become a little obsessed with the concept of high-end food trucks in DC. I thought there were only a few of them, but it turns out there are dozens. Indian, bbq, cupcakes, crepes, tacos, bahn mi, diner food, frozen yogurt, a lobster shack on wheels- there are pretty much options for anything. Plus most of these trucks have vegetarian and vegan options, which is pretty awesome. So now on my to-do list I put the task of sketching the food trucks of DC, and almost as important is to sample their menus.

So I tracked down (one of) the 绍查 food truck(s) via twitter and managed to get a sketch, but I got there too late to get a meal and they were sold out by the time I was done. I’ll find Sâuçálito again though, they have more than a few dishes I want to get my hands on…



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