Pencil sketches in subway

[By Byung Hwa Yoo, Seoul, Korea]

Eight years old girl was having some snack seated with her grandmother. While I was drawing her she was not moving fast. But after having it all she began to move endlessly. I asked her grandmother she seemed to be good at sport. She replied that she was learning to dance. The old woman worried about that the girl didn’t have much food and move so much. I thought about myself at that time. I move little and have much. The little girl gave me a simple tip.

When I was putting a pencil out of my bag I heard a sound. Then this young man picked it up and gave it to me. I thanked him. Seeing the opposite seat was empty I went there and started to draw him. He kept lowering his head. Drawing him I found a kind of sport racket behind his sack. 

In subway sketching I keep drawing. After I catch some nice figure I try to add value or shadow. A woman seated next to me said “He would like if you give it.” I just smiled. 



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