Watercolor Workshop: Bangkok

More information and registration: www.CrisFranchevich.com or email Crismgf@gmail.com Watercolor Workshop for Urban Sketchers in Bangkok- April 2018 with Cris Franchevich A Day workshop with 5 hours of instructions! When: April 7th 2018 – Saturday – from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm Where: Ease Cafe&CoWorking Space 40/1 Soi Ari Paholyothin Rd. Samsen Nai Bangkok, Thailand Cost: USD 80 (approximately 2500THB) […]

在Asialink Sketchwalk的曼谷写生

[by Peggy Wong of Kuching, Borneo] Last November, about 350 sketchers gathered in Bangkok for the Asialink Sketchwalk 2016.  Eight of us from USk Kuching, joined other Asian sketchers in Bangkok for this 3-day weekend of urban sketching and camaraderie.  The Thai sketchers welcomed us with hospitality and shared their culture through their architecture, street […]

参加了精彩的Asia-Link Sketchwalk Bangkok活动

[日本神奈川县的Kumi Matsukawa]。今年秋天,我参加了在泰国举行的 "亚洲-曼谷素描之旅 "活动。在那里,来自12个亚洲国家的350多人聚集在一起,一起写生,一起吃饭,分享我们的激情、知识、技巧、故事......这是一个精心策划的、精心设计的、温暖人心的、热情好客的盛会。I [...]

曼谷,素描旅行 新加坡研讨会之后

[作者:Stephanie Bower,西雅图,泰国曼谷] 新加坡研讨会结束后的集体写生,几乎和研讨会本身一样有趣!我们一大群人前往柬埔寨,在令人难以置信的世界文化遗产吴哥窟和吴哥窟2周围写生(点击查看帖子)。 我们中的许多人前往柬埔寨,在吴哥窟和吴哥窟2号这一令人难以置信的古老的世界文化遗产附近写生(点击查看帖子),然后 [...] 。


[张正发在中国北京的报道]春节期间到泰国曼谷的短暂旅行。参观了一家名为Vanilla Garden的融合型日本咖啡馆,它既是一家蛋糕店,也是一家花园里的日本咖啡馆。进入Vanilla Garden就像进入了一个富人的豪宅。一个被绿色植物包围的喷泉和三个[...]。


by mário linhares, Sintra, Portugal 1 week in Singapore :: 1 week in Bangkok :: 1 week in Jakarta :: 4 weeks in Dili, East-Timor I know a lot of people who likes to glue tickets and other stuff in the sketchbook, but I always choose to sketch them instead of gluing.  When I travel, […]


曼谷是一个繁忙的城市。我真的不知道我期待的是什么,我想我对曼谷最大的印象是电影《国王与我》。肯定有许多富丽堂皇的寺庙和宫殿可以欣赏(在另一篇文章中详细介绍),但这个城市最让我印象深刻的是[...] 。


Architects ’14 is a yearly expo on architecture, building and development industry as well as showcase, trade fair, discussion and seminars, all kind of architectural goodies rolled into one. It’s organised by the Siamese Architects Association (ASA) around the same time each year (29 Apr to 4 May for this year) and covers a huge space […]

Chinese Opera

Chinese opera does not exist only in China, the same way we can find Chinatown in most many cities around the world, where there’s Chinese, that is. Thailand is no exception, and we have not just only one chinatown in the capital but in several big cities across the country, in fact. As I am […]


Dec 9, 2013 was my last post of the political rally in Bangkok after the dissolution of Parliament House. The cabinet held on to their caretaker government role against the strong public (at least those in Bangkok and some other part of the country) rejection. A new election was set at an earliest date of Feb […]