Roman Drawings: Vatican City

I saw the varied Roman posts and thought I’d put up a few drawings as well. I spent a week in Vatican City drawing several years ago and can definitely say that I had a religious art experience! It was terrific. I stayed with the nuns and attended a Papal audience which I drew as […]


This is the only sketch I have of St Peters. I was rather excited when I saw the long queue and got my sketchbook out instantly. Unfortunately (for my sketch) the queue was moving way too fast, but at least I have a visual record of how little time it took us to get inside! […]


funny, I was nearly at the same place when I sketch san pietro during the sunday morning pope’s office last october… Inspired by Tia and Florian’s post =;)

My Piazza San Pietro

… listening by chance to the pope’s general audience in october 2007. It is always important to have a look at what other people do. So here is a second drawing from St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. Inspired by Tia’s post.


Vatican City, originally uploaded by tiastudio. I wish I can go back to Europe and fill up another sketchbook but the distance from Singapore to Rome is 6226 miles or 10020 kilometers and a typical flight between Singapore and Rome is easily 15 to 18 hours. So, I am happy I’d done a sketch on […]