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Inspire through Teaching

Ignite creativity, share your expertise, and shape the artistic journey of fellow Urban Sketchers around the world. Teaching lies at the heart of our mission, fostering a global exchange of skills and techniques. Are you ready to inspire and be inspired? Then the Urban Sketchers Workshop Program is what you’ve been looking for!

From Symposiums to the Workshop Program

Years ago, amidst the energy of our symposiums, a spark ignited. Instructors, impassioned by sharing their craft, found immense joy in sharing their knowledge with people from all around the globe. The enthusiasm of eager participants seeking to refine their skills and explore diverse styles was unmistakable. Thus, our Workshop Program was born, extending the community spirit of sharing and the availability of official USk workshop opportunities all year round.

The USk Workshop Program: Empowering Instructors

The Workshop Program is designed to empower instructors through

  • Refining Ideas: gain crucial feedback from our Education Committee to polish and elevate your workshop concepts.

  • Global Exposure: leverage our platform for widespread promotion, expanding your reach as an artist and mentor.

  • Enhancing your teaching: engage in participant evaluations and exchange with other instructors to enrich your teaching journey and approach.

The Collaborative Process

Instructors craft their workshops while Urban Sketchers offer support in preparation and promotion. In return, a modest 10% of your workshop fee (capped at $500) contributes to sustaining our thriving community.

Ready to Inspire and Empower?

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To learn more about the work we do, explore our Global Sketchbook, check out our USk Talk Series, or join a chapter near you.

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