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2023 USk Reportage Grant 

In our effort to bring focus to the storytelling aspect of the USk Mission we called on sketchers around the world to send us reportage project proposals. The USk Reportage Grant Program is designed to highlight the best examples of these efforts and to inspire new artist-reporters in our community. 

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of the USK Reportage Grant. We received 88 submissions from around the globe on a wide variety of topics. A panel of nine judges has carefully considered all proposals. 

Discover the selection here.

Important Timelines to Consider: 

January 1-June 1, 2023 Proposal Submission Period
July 15-25, 2023 Winners are announced 
December 31, 2023 Final projects are due  

What is Reportage?

Reportage is a visual account of a cultural phenomenon, event, current history, etc., based in drawings completed from direct observation while on location. The drawings have to tell a story by capturing an event and showing context, characters, and setting. Sketches are accompanied by short pieces of narrative writing presented directly on the drawings or added separately. The narrative is informed by firsthand account, research, and interviews. A successful visual reportage gives viewers a feeling for the setting and the people.

How does the selection process work?

All proposals will be evaluated by the USk selection committee. The merit of each proposal will be judged on the following criteria:

How can I get inspired?

Check out the 2021 Reportage Grant winning entries.  

If you haven’t yet watched USk Talks, a weekly show dedicated to all things Urban Sketchers visit the official USk YouTube’s channel. 

This season we are looking in depth into the practice of visual reportage and storytelling inviting artist reports, sketchers, and the winners of the Reportage proposal call to come and share their work and knowledge with the community.

What do I need to submit?

Upload a PDF document (under 100Mb)  containing your proposal. Please include at least five sketches that are related to your project or preliminary research. Include a short narrative along with your sketches that answers these questions:
1.  What is the main idea/subject of your proposal?
2. How does it fit into the larger cultural context?
3. What other sketches you are hoping to complete in the course of your investigation?
4. Why will this story be interesting and inspiring to other urban sketchers?

As you work on your visual reportage we ask that you document your project in photos, videos, and other media as much as you can. These could include photos of you sketching on location, photos of your subject and the setting, audio files of interviews with your subjects, time lapses, and so on.

What happens if my proposal is selected?

Winning proposals will receive a grant in the amount of $500 USD in order to offset expenses related to the project. The authors will have until December 15, 2023 to complete the proposed project including the completion of at least 12 on-location sketches that tell the story in a reportage format.


If your proposal is selected we will ask you to grant USk non-exclusive usage rights to publish your completed reportage on our channels as a condition to receiving the grant. You will retain full copyright of your images and can publish it elsewhere.

Other things to know

  • If English is not your first language, we will work with you to edit text for clarity if needed.
  • You may also submit posts in other languages, and we will try to find volunteer translators to work with you.
  • All accepted proposals go through a collaborative editorial process.
  • We reserve the right not to include all the sketches originally submitted.
  • All submitted text may be edited for accuracy, grammar and clarity.
  • Sketchers of all abilities and styles are encouraged to apply. You can submit a proposal as an individual sketcher or form a creative collaboration with someone else or engage your whole chapter in this project.

Please contact with any questions.