16. The Rhythm of Chaos

 April 25, 2021 “The Rhythm of Chaos”

Captain Tom (Tomas Pajdlhauser) & Marina Grechanik

In this episode we talked to two artists and educators who find poetry in the chaotic life of streets and urban spaces. These sketchers come from different backgrounds and two distinct artistic styles of drawing. What unites them is their passion for showing ordinary people coming together for food, community, and everyday life.

Tom Pajdhauser

Tom Pajdlhauser joined us from Ottawa, Canada. Captain Tom has traveled and captured many countries in his sketchbooks including Palestine–the work he shared with us during the episode. His professional work as an art director for TV shows and movies has trained Tom’s eye to zero in on the perfect composition and timing to tell the story.

Marina Grechanik

Marina Grechanik joined us from Ra’anana, Israel. Marina is a beloved USk Instructor, professional illustrator, and a veteran urban sketcher whose quick and simple captures have the unique ability to show the essence of characters she encounters. In her own words: “To dare sketching in the middle of the street, public space, which reveals us to the eyes of all, can be challenging, especially if you’re a shy person. I feel that sketchbook and pencil case are my superman costume, which turns me into a different person – friendly, open, ready to share and to listen. Sketchbook breaks invisible walls between me and a street, what separates me from reality dissolves, and I become part of it, part of a colorful scene. I’m not separated, don’t look down, I’m part of this mess of people, places, smells and sounds.”

Challenge: Capture Character

Celebrate personalities you’ve observed and capture the essence of a character, whether it’s family at home, or someone you’ve spotted from afar.

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