My sketch (and Urban Sketchers) in “The Times”

A rainy evening at Burlington House

Yesterday Travels with a Sketchbook(my sketchbook blog) – and “Urban Sketchers” got a mention in The Timesnewspaper in London – which is quite a big deal!

The focus of the piece – as you can see below – was on my sketchbook blog. I was asked for two images. The editor chose to use my very first iPad sketch, done last November using the Brushes app while sat in the Friends Room of the Royal Academy of Arts of all places. It’s a little odd as you can see the big black leather sofa opposite the one I was sat on – and then the view through the window of a rain soaked courtyard.

Not bad for a first digital sketch if I say so myself! However I never thought it would lead to being highlighted on the “Daily Universal Register” page of The Times

Extract from the “Daily Universal Register page of “The Times” newspaper

As you can see, the “If you liked this then you might like this” slot had a link to Urban Sketchers and this site! 🙂

So that’s one more for the press page…….


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