5 metres sketchbook x 13 sketchers, drawing together in Liège

by Simo Capecchi in Liège, Belgium


Liège, brocante in boulevard de la Constitution

I’ll start the new year recalling a recent experience that our urban sketchers network allowed me to do and that can be resumed in a few words: drawing together is fun and drawing a city is a great way to explore it and to enjoy it. Here my other drawings of Liège.

Happy new year, sketchers friends!

In September 2014 a group of sketchers met in Liège invited by Gérard Michel and the Société Libre d’Emulation to draw together. With me, coming from Naples, there were: Florian Afflerbach (Stuttgart), Rene Fijten (Maastricht), Miguel Herranz (Barcelona), Lapin (Barcelona), David Magli (Murianette, France), Corinne Raes (Haacht, Belgium), Luis Ruiz (Malaga), Inma Serrano (Sevilla) and Rolf Schroeter (Berlin) and Gérard Michel, Antoine Michel and Fabien Denoël as our local hosts and organizers. Each of us filled the same 5 meters sketchbook that Gérard had prepared for us, and exhibited them for a month in the Theatre de Liége. A 65-metres-exhibit to recount this nice Belgian city. In the next room there was an awesome exhibit of Gérard Michel Perspective games.

PS: Thanks Gèrard for the 65 meters scanning, you did an amazing job!

See all drawings in our group on Flickr (20 drawings could not be included in the above slideshow). Watch them in a bigger slideshow.  A post by Inma Serrano here.


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