#USkManchester2016: Day 2 : Quite a rainy day

[[By Kumi Matsukawa, Symposium Correspondent in Manchester, UK]]

Symposium Day 2:

At the morning gathering: Omar, Simone, and Elizabeth made announcement.

First, I went to Workshop16: Isabel Carmona and Len Grant – Focus your sketching stories

( Royal Exchange Theatre)

This day it rained.Glad that this workshop was taking place inside the building.

Len says what makes good photos is following points:

1, lighting

2, compositional rule

3, framing

4, leading lines

5, patterns

And this also can be applied to sketches.

Next , I observed Activity 1: Andrea Matthews – Making time for postcards.

( Albert Square)

In this activity, participants make three sketches on the postcard sized papers and send them to friends/ family right after finish drawing.

After lunch, I tried the Activity 2: Recording a Musical City by Caroline Jonson. This is to capture live concert from Manchester Jazz festival.

It held inside the tent. This moment I didn’t have to worry about the heavy rain.

Then I visited Workshop7: Jim Richards – Capturing the Crowd: People in public Space( Albert Square)

He made participants to draw abstract design ( big shape)first, then to add details. A very constructive and easy  way to taccle to city view with people.

Later joined Drink and Draw( Peveril of the Peak)

At the table outside of the pub, I had un umbrela in one hand and brushpen in another.

Soon, evacuated to inside the pub.This is the last sketch of the day.




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