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What is an Urban Sketchers Chapter?

A USk Official Chapter is a local community that meets to sketch and share and that promotes the Urban Sketchers mission and manifesto. USk Official Chapters maintain an online presence, such as a blog or Facebook group. 

How to start a new USk official chapter

To be successful, you need:

  • A geographically-defined, inclusive community of individuals who practice on-location sketching in the spirit of the Urban Sketchers Manifesto;
  • A free online platform (we never charge our members to attend sketch sessions) where your members can share sketches, interact with each other and find information about the chapter’s events;
  • A minimum of three administrators who are committed to the USk Mission and manifesto. Being an official chapter administrator requires a commitment to the success of your community of sketchers, including planning sketching events, sharing work online, and communicating with USk and other official chapter leaders.
  • A group that has been sketching together and posting sketches online regularly for more than 6 months.

Official chapter guidelines

To learn more about the criteria to be recognized as an Urban Sketchers chapter and get started with your membership application, please review the USk Chapter Application Guide.

How do I find sketchers near me?

Use our interactive map to locate chapters nearby

How to participate in the Urban Sketchers community

You can share your sketches with the Urban Sketchers community on our USk Facebook Group page, on our USk Flickr platform, on our USk Instagram account or follow us on Twitter @urbansketchers. Or share your group’s sketching videos on our Youtube Channel.

USk chapters worldwide

If you are the Administrator for a USk Official Chapter and your chapter is not on our map, we want to hear from you. Please contact

How to bring a workshop to your official chapter

If you would like to bring an official USk workshop to your chapter, email our Education Director at

Still have unanswered questions? Please contact our Membership Committee at