Event Resources

As a grassroots organisation, Urban Sketchers had always started with small events at chapter levels, for example, your informal local weekend sketch outings.  All USk chapter are encouraged to organise formal events of any scale; statewide, countrywide or even regional.

All Urban Sketchers events should comply with the USk Regional Chapter Events Guidelines link .  If you have any inquiries about USk Chapter Events, please write to events@urbansketchers.org

 Events by USk Chapters communities

Urbansketchers chapters around the world had previously organised various events with easy accessibility to neighbouring urbansketchers at country-wide or region-wide scales.  If you have hosted or known of any USk Chapter Events, please update us so that we can include them as an inspiration to other chapters; write to events@urbansketchers.org

Here are a few of the past events that had been successfully hosted and well attended:

  • Asialink Sketchwalk Bangkok 2016 by USk Thailand & Bangkok Sketchers with C-Asean & ThaiBev  link
  • Asialink Sketchwalk Kuching 2017 by USk Kuching with Sarawak Convention Bureau link
  • Sketch Tour Portugal 2017 by USk Portugal & Tourism Portugal link
  • Asialink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2018 by USk Hanoi link
  • International Sketch Weekend Luxembourg 2018 by USk Luxembourg link 
  • Brisbane Sketchfest 2019 by USk Brisbane & Brisbane City Council link
  • Asialink Sketchwalk Taichung 2019 by USk Taichung link
  • Gyeongju Sketch Festa by USk Gyeongju & Gyeongju City Government link & pg 12-17 DA Dec2020
  • IS NasGor 2021 by USk Indonesia & Indonesia’s Sketchers link