USk Regional Chapters Toolkit

Please find below some resources that approved Regional Chapter Administrators can use to launch and support their chapters. 

If you are a USk Regional Chapter, please become familiar with our Regional Chapter Guidelines.


Please refer to our official Logo Identity Guide if you wish to design a USk business card or make use of our brand.

Created by Italian Designer, Franco Lancio, the USk logo is a copyrighted brand of Urban Sketchers. The Urban Sketchers logo is displayed on official Urban Sketchers communications/merchandise as well as by approved Regional Chapters.



The html code for the logo is 

<a href=’‘><img alt=’Urban Sketchers network’ src=’‘ width=’100’/></a>


<div>I&#39;m an <span style=’font-weight:bold;’>urban sketcher</span></div>

Last updated June 07, 2016