Slice of life view in Windsor Terrace and Kensington, the neighborhood.

[by Sharon Frost in Brooklyn]

Stephen watching fútbol in the living room: Barcelona is playing in Valencia.  The beer is made right here in Brooklyn.  One of my model skeletons is visible in the foreground.
Laundry room round and round. A laundry room is such a luxury really. It’s not that common to have an individual washing machine in New York City.  And apartment buildings with basement laundry rooms are simply swell — beats trudging stuff to the launder center.
My husband reading in Hamilton’s, a local bar/café.  Sun is hitting the globe: portentious in Kensington, Brooklyn.
Another local café, this one in Windsor Terrace, right by the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway stop.  Restaurants and cafés are relatively new to my neighborhood.  It’s nice to have them but they come at a very high price: gentrification:  tall apartment buildings erected on every available plot of ground.  My neighbors tell me (we don’t have a car) that parking has become stressfully competitive.

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