#USkManchester2016: Day 3, W1,W23,D2, and Sketch Walk

By Kumi Matsukawa, Symposium Correspondent in Manchester, UK]

Symposium Day 3:

I attended Workshop 1 – Curved perspectives – Sketching 360 degree Panoramas by Arno Hartmann.

I was really interested in learning this topic. His guidance was so well that this challenging thing seems being understood by every participant.

Next I visited Stephanie Bower’s Workshop23: Soaring Spaces

In this class, we learned  how to set up basic structure using rectangle to measure. We also learned how to apply specific colors to finish.

In the afternoon, I saw Delphine’s Demo 2 – From splash to line. She says  she stopped making her work just look like a photo, instead, seek more free and  improvised  expression. She hold the very tip of the pencil for that purpose.

Later I joined Sketch Walk E and like most of other participants, drew the cute and characteristic pup: Peveril of the Peak. By seeing each and everyone’s work, I can feel how much this place is being loved.  This time I try to make it look a vignette. Just like another piece I finished early that morning: Harby’s Crown Ales.




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