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I have been Urban Sketching for about 9 years. I joined after I saw videos on YouTube by Parka. Seeing people at a symposium looked like lots of fun! I attended the USk Chicago symposium and have been to every one since then. This is my tribe! I love meeting sketchers from all over the world and sharing our passion.

 I live in San Francisco, a wonderful city with many great locations, such as ornate Victorians, museums, historic forts and great cafes! My sketches of the Dutch windmill, Victorian home and the colorful Blue Heron boathouse were all done on location with Fountain pens and watercolor. I use my Fearless Felt Sketchbooks. I love sketching in this city.

Most Saturdays, I find a spot for our group sketch walks, and another member sets up Sundays. We have 4600 people in our SF Bay area group.

I am very happy  that I will be teaching my “Fountain Pens for Urban Sketching” at this year’s event in Buenos Aires.


Eileen P.Goldenberg

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