2016 Urban Sketchers Symposium – Manchester, UK

The 2016 Urban Sketchers Symposium took place in Manchester, UK.

27-30 July 2016

We welcomed almost 500 participants from all around the world.

See some photos of the symposium in this album.

Manchester 2016

Some instructors shared online their workshop handouts. You can download them here.

If you want to know more about this symposium, see the information below. 




Programming information from the 7th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester, England, July 27-30, 2016

The full slate of Workshops and Activities (including Demos and Lectures) are listed below. As we add programming and faculty information to the site, you can click the links to find out more information. We encourage you to research the workshops/activities you are interested in attending, and view the Schedule to ensure your preferences don’t overlap.

See the Registration page for more information about registration dates and times.


Workshop 1 – Curved Perspectives; Sketching 360° Panoramas – Arno Hartmann

Workshop 2 – Sketching with Dry Twig & Chinese Ink – Ch’ng Kiah Kiean

Workshop 3 – Decisive Line In Drawing Figures in Motion & Repose – Don Low

Workshop 4 – Hunting & Gathering: Sketching Vignettes & Lists – Fred Lynch

Workshop 5 – Extreme Angles – Norberto Dorantes

Workshop 6 – Watercolour Your World, One Mix at a Time – Jane Blundell

Workshop 7 – Capturing the Crowd:  People in Public Spaces – Jim Richards

Workshop 8 – Cars in the City – Lapin & Gérard Michel

Workshop 9 – Sketching Architecture in Edges, Shapes & Volumes – Liz Steel

Workshop 10 – Urban Sketching on Assignment: Planning & Executing Team-Based Sketching Reportage – Marc Holmes

Workshop 11 – Capturing Atmosphere Using Dramatic Lighting & Fast Spontaneity – LK Bing

Workshop 12 – What & How: Creating Your Story – Marina Grechanik

Workshop 13 – Paint Like Nobody’s Watching! – Marion Rivolier

Workshop 14 – Sketch NOW, Think Later – Mike Daikubara

Workshop 15 – From Macro to Micro – A Visual Story of a Building – Nina Johansson

Workshop 16 – Focus Your Sketching Stories – Isabel Carmona Andreu and Len Grant

Workshop 17 – The Big Picture & the Tiny Details – Paul Heaston

Workshop 18 – Shape Shifters: Overcome Complicated Scenes with Dynamic Shapes – Paul Wang

Workshop 19 – Manchester Green: Sketching Urban Green Space – Richard Alomar

Workshop 20 – What to Leave Out, What to Leave In: Capturing a Sense of Place – Richard Briggs

Workshop 21 – On Location with an iPad & Procreate – Rob Sketcherman

Workshop 22 – Bare Bones: Exploring Limited Palettes in Watercolour – Shari Blaukopf

Workshop 23 – Soaring Spaces – Stephanie Bower

Workshop 24 – People & Places: Life in Contrast – Suhita Shirodkar

Workshop 25 – Bending the Floor – Swasky

Workshop 26 – Puzzling Out the Picture – Veronica Lawlor


Activity 1 – Making time for postcards! – Andrea Matthews

Activity 2 – Recording a Musical City – Caroline Johnson

Activity 3 – Drawing a Collection – Emma FitzGerald

Activity 4 – The Big Crit – Fred Lynch

Activity 5 – Sketch Mob: Togetherness in Sketching – Hakym Ahmad

Activity 6 – Pub Crawl: Draw If You Are Sober – Nelson Paciência & Vicente Sardinha

Activity 7 – Lettering, Line & Balance – Pat Southern-Pearce

Activity 8 – Nature in the City: The Body Language of Trees – Robyn Bauer

Activity 9 – The Manchester Journey – Vicente Sardinha


Demo 1 – Reflecting on Water – Daniel Green

Demo 2 – From Splashes to Lines – Delphine Priollaud-Stoclet

Demo 3 – Between Drawing & Painting: Exploring Brush-pens/Ink-brushes – Ed Harker

Demo 4 – Color perspective, Color Harmony – Jenny Adam

Demo 5 – How to Sketch with Water-Soluble Crayons (Caran d’Ache Neocolor II) – Vincent Desplanche


Lecture 1 – How to Make Your Regional Chapter Rock! – Alvin Wong

Lecture 2 – Our History! Exploring the Tradition of Urban Sketching Through Vintage Books That Popularised Sketching – Ed Harker

Lecture 3 – Sketching Stories – Favian Ee

Lecture 4 – Teaching Non-Artists to Draw: Techniques & Methods for Urban Sketching Instructors & Art Educators – Karina Kuschnir

Lecture 5 – Sketcher-in-Residence: Pushing the Boundaries of Creative Curiosity – Lynne Chapman

Lecture 6 – Running a Regional Chapter – Mark Leibowitz

Lecture 7 – What’s in Your Pocket? A Juried Review of Cool Urban Sketching Gear – Mark Leibowitz

Lecture 8 – Drawings Inside a Prison – Nelson Paciencia

Lecture 9 – Drawing a Sense of Place = Design Tool – Richard Briggs

Lecture 10 – The Art & Habit of Travel Sketching – Rita Sabler

Lecture 11 – How to Prepare a Successful Workshop Proposal – Gail Wong


Please see the updated, detailed Symposium schedule (PDF) for the timetable of all events and programs, and all meeting locations. There are four pages, one for each day of the Symposium.


Opening Reception, Wednesday July 27 is at Manchester Town Hall. Symposium registrants attend for free; guests pay £10 (cash) at the door.

Thursday and Friday nights (28th and 29th) there are no receptions, so you are free to drink and draw! We will give you more info at our 9am morning gatherings.

Closing Reception Saturday, July 30, takes place at Manchester School of Art Benzie Building. Symposium registrants attend for free; guests pay £10 (cash) at the door.

Registration Site

The registration site is live! Click this link for the registration site: https://uskmanchester2016.eventbrite.com/

Updating Registration Information

The last day to change your information in Eventbrite is June 18. After that, you will be able to access your information, but unable to make any changes. Click here to see information about updating your information in Eventbrite.


Registration closes May 27 – Extended through June 15!

March 5: Standard Registration begins, with full schedule ***sold out***

January 30: Early Bird Registration opens at noon GMT ***sold out***

February: Programming and schedule announced

March 1 – March 5: Early Bird registrants select workshops and activities

Keep in mind that this event is likely to sell out. We’ve increased the total number of participants to 500 – the largest number we have ever hosted!

Payment Options

You can pay with an existing PayPal account OR check out as a guest (meaning you don’t need a PayPal account) using a credit or debit card.


Are you interested in the full learning and social experience of the Symposium?

The Workshops Pass gives you access to the full educational event, including all of the workshops, lectures, activities and demonstrations, as well as social encounters.

This pass keeps you busy learning about sketching while visiting with old and new friends.

Are you interested only in the social experience of the Symposium?

With the Sketching Pass, you will have a leisurely experience, meeting with everyone for the morning gatherings, then wandering Manchester between meeting up with others for organized sketch crawls twice a day, followed by meeting up with all the other sketchers at the night.

You’ll get a badge, and you’ll join the rest of the group at the Welcome Reception and the Closing Party.

Are you looking for an experience that is a little bit of both of these?

The Activities Pass gets you a social time with a little bit of learning. It also gets you an educational time without the commitment of the full workshop schedule.

With this pass you have access to all of the lectures, demonstrations, and activities, plus you’ll have time for more open sketch crawls, and access to the the Welcome Reception, Closing Party, and of course the nightly gatherings.